'Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets.'
Ludwig van Beethoven

Welcome to the official website of award-winning London-based pianist and composer Parvis Hejazi.

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'A wonderful musician!'
- Norma Fisher

22 year old Parvis Hejazi is among the most successful musicians of his generation. He has been awarded more than 40 first prizes and special awards in national and international piano, chamber music, organ and composition competitions. Notable awards include the first prize and special prize 'Maitre du Piano' of the International Piano Competition of the Town of Gagny, the first prize of the Federal Competition 'Jugend musiziert' for organ (in 2012), piano (in 2014) and piano duo (in 2015), the Bärenreiter Urtext Prize, the Gerd Bucerius Award as well as the Carl-Heinz Illies Award of the German Foundation 'Musical Life' (Deutsche Stiftung Musikleben) and the Grand Prix of the Federal Composition Competition of the Jeunesse Musicale Germany in every consecutive year between 2012 and 2016.

Parvis has been described as a 'sparkling virtuoso with a dazzling technique, capable of anything at the piano', 'a deeply spiritual artist with a heavenly sound', as 'fearlessly heroic' and 'poetic, full of esprit'.

At the age of 22 years, Parvis has already performed across Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Russia, Israel and the United States, most notably in venues such as Die Glocke Bremen, Laeiszhalle Hamburg, Federal Chancellery Berlin, Wiener Saal Mozarteum Salzburg and many others. He has been enthusiastically reviewed by leading German newspapers, such as the Frankfurter Allgemeine, taz and Neue Zeitschrift für Musik, as well as regional news publications such as Hammersmith Today, Weser Kurier, Der Bremer, Nordwest-Zeitung, Landshuter Rundschau and others. Two documentaries by the ARD, broadcasts of concerts by NDR, Deutschlandfunk and radiobremen are further features of Parvis's PR portfolio.

'When we have respect for the tradition, an open mind and an innovative spirit, I am beyond any doubt in the bright future of classical music.' - Parvis Hejazi

A pianist and composer, Parvis is also an entrepreneur, constantly looking for and creating new ways of communicating classical music to a wider audience. The first principle guiding Parvis in this endeavour is a deep respect for the European tradition of classical music-making. At the same time, Parvis understands the need for a transformation of the music market. From crossover projects, linking music to other art forms, such as theatre, dance and light installations, to lecture recitals and various forms of chamber music, Parvis brings classical music not only into concert halls across the world, but also to schools, prisons, retirement homes and private venues. Holding an honorary membership of the German Society of Philosophy (DGPhil), Parvis is also invited to give talks and lectures at prestigious institutions such as Giessen University and the ConVivial Foundation in Wiesbaden. He is publishing essays on a vast array of topics reaching from faith to socio-economical issues. Parvis runs a private piano teaching service specialised in teaching talented children across London.

'It's not so easy to create a memorable image. Art is made through the sensibilities of an artist, and the kind of ambitions and intelligence, curiosity and inner direction that role requires.' - Richard Hamilton

An award-winning composer, Parvis is committed to further extend what he calls the 'catalogue of sounds' by the immanent means of the instrument. His experience as a conductor gives Parvis an orchestral understanding of Western instruments, while he is also committed to exploring what occidental musicians can learn from non-Western instruments and practices of music-making. Through his grounding in the practice of Historical Performance, Parvis is a student of the history of keyboard instruments, enabling him to see the chances of progress in the further development of the piano. Born to German-Iranian parents in Bremen, Parvis is a Scholar at the Royal College of Music in London, studying with Norma Fisher. Currently, he is also studying the harpsichord with Jane Chapman and conducting with Peter Stark. He is a Fellow of the Evangelisches Studienwerk Villigst, Speaker-elect of the ESV Convent for the United Kingdom and an Honorary Member of the German Society of Philosophy. In his free time, Parvis enjoys reading, golfing and cycling. He lives in Hammersmith, West-London.

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